Are you looking for a unique space for your celebration, company event, or a smaller event?

Would you like to emphasize the rareness of this event through its placement into a unique place? There is no better way than to do it at UFO watch.taste.groove..

The restaurant will take 130 sitting, up to 200 standing guests and a top-level team of professionals is available to ensure the perfect comfort of your guests.

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Exceptional moment, exceptional place

In the life of a person, family, or company, there are events, which are unique. Those are events that deserve an exceptional place, exceptional atmosphere and a perfect story.

Ingredients, which we gladly mix for you, will become a magical part of memories of any of the moments you will experience here with us.

During this occasion you will surely appreciate the perfect services, our many years of experience as well as our ability to solve requests of any difficulty.

We understand that the rareness is hiding in the details, therefore every event is a work of art for us, which we create with the most precise care.


Are you organising a press conference, session for important business partners, or a VIP reception? Do it in style and elegance. We will create for you a stylish representative place, which will be a great presentation for you.

Jubilee celebration

Multiply the magic of the moment, pick UFO watch.taste.groove. for your celebration. Let your guests feast on the view, enjoy the world culinary extra quality and indulge them in the choicest drinks they might think of.


To start the married life in clouds is a dream, which you can now fulfil. Invite your guests for a drink, let your original wedding photos be taken in our premises, or simply put your whole wedding celebration here.